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Pentyl is far stronger and has an effect over your full body, rather than just your head – and the effects are much longer lasting. These are extremely powerful aromas are the strongest on the market and available online at

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  • Aca – Southampton
    Having previously tried poppers with powerful strength claims but ultimately being disappointed, I was dubious about the potency and efficiency claims of Pentyl but ordered anyway out of curiosity. Pentyl runs rings around the poppers formula. It was easy to consume and found to be gloriously smooth, not harsh, from start to finish. The strength was indeed powerful - it had my entire body in rapture - head to below. I like that the hit lasted a long time, it felt wonderfully warming, filling the entire body with the sensation
    Aca – Southampton
  • Andrew – Lincolnshire
    So we got this product along with a few others (yet to try !). This certainly took us back a few years lol, very strong ! The only thing I would say is the actual smell of the liquid stinks to high heaven lmao we have a teenager and needless to say she was asking what the smell was in our room (awkward !)....we told her it was my wife's new nail varnish !......she thankfully accepted our excuse ! Good product !
    Andrew – Lincolnshire
  • London customer
    This is what you came for. Not to be confused with Fentanyl (the opioid) or Fenty (i.e. Rihanna), Pentyl is the popper’s Queen of queens. After one sniff, not only will you feel like any queen you desire to be, but you’ll also be singing along like Rihanna in “Four Five Seconds.” “We Found Love” in Pentyl. “You Da One.” C’mon, admit it that “This is What you Came For”. Get some now before you ask “Where Have You Been”
    London customer
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